Self care and pharmacy


You can treat lots of common illnesses and injuries at home – in fact, that’s the best place for you. 

A big part of your recovery from these minor ailments like coughs and colds, grazes, minor strains and hangovers is to rest and drink plenty of fluids. You can plan ahead by stocking up on some healthcare essentials like:

  • paracetamol or aspirin
  • indigestion remedies
  • plasters
  • rehydration remedies
  • a thermometer

You can find all these at your local pharmacy. Pharmacists give expert, confidential advice and treatment. There may be a very small wait but there is no need for an appointment. You can get advice about health issues and the best medicine for you.

Last year 8% of A&E visits could’ve been dealt with by a pharmacist. That means hundreds of thousands of people sat in A&E for hours when a nearby pharmacist could have seen them within minutes. 

All pharmacists can:

  • Dispense medicine when you give them your prescription.
  • Dispense repeat prescriptions without the need to visit your GP – speak to your GP or pharmacist to arrange this.
  • Give advice on treating minor ailments like coughs and colds.
  • Help you manage long-term conditions such as diabetes and asthma.
  • Give advice on medication, including if you're taking medicine for lots of different conditions.
  • Give advice on staying healthy, including eating healthily, stopping smoking and getting enough exercise.
  • Give sexual health and contraception advice.
  • Provide treatments for minor ailments like head lice and athlete’s foot.

Many pharmacies also offer:

  • The morning after pill, for free to eligible customers
  • Allergy screening.
  • Chlamydia screening.
  • Medicine ‘MOTs’ – to help you use your treatments correctly.
  • New medicine service – to help you understand how to use new treatments.

Follow this link to find your nearest pharmacy.

Page last updated 23 December 2020