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Getting the right care this winter in Redbridge

25 January 2019

A New Year’s resolution for the NHS

A new year sees many of us committing to improving something about ourselves or to trying something new. 

Your NHS has also made a commitment this New Year to do something new. In the coming year the different NHS organisations in Redbridge and the council will be working much closer together to improve the care and health of local people. 

We will be doing this by delivering more care closer to home, rather than in our hospitals, which will mean that our hospitals will be better able to focus on delivering vital hospital-based services. This means you won’t necessarily need to go to the hospital for some services or check-ups, making it more convenient for people, particularly those who are older or who may have a long-term condition, to get the care they need. 

We will have new programmes and services that help people to stay healthy, support them to manage their health conditions, and to get the care they need quickly and from the right place – again in the community rather than in hospital. 

We’re looking forward to making the changes and will be involving local people in shaping services and our plans. To stay up to date and have your say on health and care services, join our citizens’ panel at: