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Not too early to think about flu vaccine

22 August 2019

You may have noticed in the news that the number of measles and mumps cases has been rising over the last few years. These are highly infectious, unpleasant illnesses that can result in serious complications. The good news is that both are easily preventable – through the MMR vaccine.

This is a reminder of how vital it is that, when offered, you get vaccinated to help protect you and your loved ones from many different illnesses. These simple procedures can save lives, and help to avoid time spent in hospital and the resultant pressure on the NHS.

Of course, all of this is doubly important for children. Childhood is a wonderful time, filled with innocence and wonder, but it’s also one of the times in our lives when we are most vulnerable to health issues. I have ensured that my two children have received all the appropriate vaccines for their age, including the MMR vaccine, and encourage all parents to do the same.

I know most people are hoping for summer to stretch as long as possible, but winter is lurking round the corner. It’s not too early to start thinking about flu season and what you can do to keep yourself and your family healthy. The nasal spray flu vaccine for children will be available in the coming months, and it’s worth consulting with your GP if it’s right for your child. Likewise, if you’re eligible for the flu vaccine because of age or another reason, such as a long term condition or pregnancy, it’s important you talk with your GP about receiving it.

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