World AIDS Day event at Redbridge Central Library – Friday 1 December

27 November 2017

World AIDS Day, held on 1 December each year, is an opportunity for people worldwide to unite in the fight against HIV, show support for those living with it and remember those who have died, as well as to raise awareness about its transmission.

Although a small number of Redbridge residents are affected, the number living with HIV in the borough has increased by 17 per cent in the last five years and a third of those infected are still unaware of their infection.

HIV infection is considered a chronic lifelong infection. Diagnosing HIV early is important as people can access prompt treatment, helping to keep them living longer and reducing the spread of infection. HIV is most commonly passed to another person through unprotected sex. It can also be passed on by sharing infected needles, syringes or other injecting drug equipment, as well as passed from mother to child through breast milk though this is rare in UK. HIV is not transmitted through contact such as touching, sharing cutlery, spitting or kissing.

There is effective treatment freely available and many people with HIV now live longer and independently through the treatment, care and support provided by various local services.

In commemoration of this day, the London Borough of Redbridge and the Terrence Higgins Trust will be hosting an event at Redbridge Central Library on Friday 1 December at 11am.

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